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Cybercriminals are increasingly evasive and ambitious, while their techniques continue to evolve. As businesses and organizations adopt emerging technologies, a comprehensive security strategy becomes an essential part of their operations. Security is no longer a stand-alone practice. Cyber threats have permeated all aspects of information technology and they cannot be addressed by “products” alone. Cybersecurity is a process employed within an architecture that must be built into the core of your business strategy.


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According to Gartner, “Email security is the most commonly utilized attack vector in both targeted and untargeted attacks”. Therefore, you must ensure you select the best email security solution available – one that covers the wide variety of modern threats – without interfering in user experience or complicating IT processes.

Are you certain that your email is secured and protected with Microsoft 365? Let Axelliant perform a comprehensive email security health check and provide you insight and deeper analysis of your email security. We do this non-intrusively without impacting your current mail flow. Register today!


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At Axelliant, our focus is to help your organization adopt digital transformation and speed up time to market without compromising security. With our defined methodology and customized security architecture we can help you turn your security vision into a reality.

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